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What We Do

Among the many qualities that set BOLD! apart are the strategic underpinnings that differentiate us from other development and technology shops

Over our tenure, BOLD! Technologies has worked with a number of new Start-ups, some flourishing here locally, and some poised or achieved national (and further future) expansion. New businesses are a unique model and our extensive experience helps winnow out much of the waste early on and achieve productive, profitable results more quickly.

Find out more about our world-class Development and the next gen services they provide in everything from website and app development to platform design and execution. We’re a BOLD! shop that takes a disciplined and methodological approach to all development projects we embrace. 

Our Marketing has a breadth of expertise in brand management; direct and traditional marketing and media strategies; digital and social media platforms; targeting and SEO; paid, earned and owned; extraordinary content development and management and so much more.


Who We Are

We’re BOLD! Technologies, an innovations company specializing in mobile app and web development, navigation tools and digital platforms. And we have a valuable story to tell.

Creating a unique initial niche working with startups, some in Florida, others across the nation, and now expanding into international markets, BOLD! leverages and optimizes the learnings of each success and occasional failure to your advantage.  

Thanks to wonderful relationships and networks, we’ve been privileged to work with progressively larger companies, some steeped in tradition and some looking to reimagine their futures. Many we’ve been with since the beginning. Recognizing these business stages helps us orient the development roadmap.  



From start-ups to enterprise level, innovators to re-imagining the most seasoned of brands, that’s where we start. Among us, we’ve created, experienced, planned and collaborated on far reaching technologies. Not all  deployed, but most do, because among us and together, we have the talent, technology and business acumen to see you succeed.

Our insights, experience and vision help empower you to think, act and craft your future using innovative, scalable, cutting-edge technology solutions. 

A Select Few Happy Clients

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Business Acumen for Business Development

Working with you to strategize the best technologies, features, form and functions required, we help you find the right technology solutions with a mobile first approach. Understanding the vision behind your future platforms and applications, we help you launch or re-engineer your current mobile applications. And emerging platforms for wearables. And IoT. And things you haven’t heard of yet.

We’re focused on designing the best user experience. Period. Whether that’s how we work with you to meet your visual and structural platform expectations or how your vision is delivered to your intended prospects and users, we consistently get it right. We strive to make sure you remain at the forefront of your concept, while we provide the architecture and aesthetics that meet your goals.

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OutSTANDING Service 

To us, this is about our personal and professional integrity and reputation as much as it is about our promise to deliver the goods. We KNOW service, consistently excellent service, must be at the heart of every business.  No matter what business you engage in, working with BOLD! Technologies means being prepared to commit to excellent service standards.  Because we do.

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Leveraging Technology for Marketing Innovation

There’s a first for everything, and then there’s being first to market. Whether that’s voice response technology, automation in banking, website development for traditional bricks n’ mortar or a dazzling new hybrid in TV advertising and direct sales, we’ve taken innovations in technology and developed burgeoning business models that have proven wildly successful time and again.

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Doing Good Deeds

As parents, business owners, connected and engaged citizens, the people of BOLD! Technologies are heavily involved in local and national service organizations, and deeply, actively involved with community, arts, educational and social causes.  It’s an important aspect to our personal lives and we believe in including it in our corporate values. It's all about community and we welcome you.  

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Navigating the Nuances

People looking at development shops might have limited experience with the vagaries of an app’s lifecycle. We make it easy by being both nimble and taking a methodical and collaborative approach to each stage of development. We work with you every step of the way, provide clear and actionable communications and documentation, and help you navigate what’s up ahead.