An online global community of support, respect and concern for addicted individuals is available today through Addiction Sentinel, a mobile app designed to connect recovering addicts with a network of local and global caregivers and caring and concerned ‘sentinels.’ 



The Problem

As socially conscious as we try to be in our own lives, we respond to a breadth of cause-related opportunities that touch us, our families and communities. We were especially eager to explore and navigate some of the challenges associated with facilitating education and resources in the health and medical arenas. One that touched close to home for one of our clients was the cause and treatment of addiction. 

The Process

Addiction Sentinel, a mobile app developed by BOLD! Technologies, was designed and built to connect an online community of recovering addicts with a network of local and global caregivers i.e. sentinels. Support and resources are provided by individuals who participate in providing information and alternatives to addicts who may be succumbing to the challenges of addiction, both while in the moment, or when trying to manage the longer term transition to a healthier and more positive lifestyle.

With its GPS tracking feature, recovering addicts and their support network now identify and avoid trigger zones. The app automatically notifies them when in these zones, i.e. somewhere they might be tempted to use again. Classic messaging features enable users and sentinels to message each other support, encouragement and help.  And a Rewards system further encourages sentinels to help by rewarding consistent communications with Amazon gift cards and more.




With a loyalty system encouraging sentinels by rewarding regular communication with addicts by delivering gift cards and other incentives, sentinels receive more than satisfaction in helping others. To date through the feedback and direction of the users and sentinels who have come on board, the app's features continue to evolve to support its wide-ranging adaptation. 

We're here to help.

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