We all have knowledge or experience with big brands expanding into new product lines, or through acquisitions they invest in new sales channels and categories.  Direction and vision of leadership, coupled with the synergistic strength of the new line to the core business often determines the success or failure of the venture.

BOLD! Technologies was given a wonderful opportunity to work with Tupperware, an American Fortune 500 company (ranked second in Fortune's Most Admired Home equipment and furnishings section) as, in the early aughts, it envisioned the Tupperware 2020 future.

BOLD! provided an extensive and thorough Discovery process to  inform Tupperware regarding development methodology and process, next gen technology platforms in e-commerce, mobile apps, integrated interfaces and more, to help facilitate them moving beyond food storage and into the skincare, personal care & beauty environment.



The Problem

Among the challenges was having to target three entirely different sets of users including Clients, Consultants and Home Office.  

Client - the end user and purchaser of retail products & services.  To best serve their needs required the development of a vibrant communications platform that included unique customized messaging, across both web and mobile, enabling transactional, locational, educational, entertaining and engaging content among Beauticontrol’s consumers and future influencers.

Consultants - the critical Salesforce.  Their needs involved the development of an easy, intuitive set of apps that enable Dashboard access to sales results with customer overlay, data filtered against goals and sorted by location, a platform for transactions, another for scheduling, still others for training & recruiting all of which needed to be accessible across web, mobile and mobile web,

Home Office: leaders of the Company overseeing all sales assets and channels.  Their requirements include access to company wide reporting an all features available to clients and consultants, as well as additional infrastructure for asset management, multi-level distributed marketing, downline promotions, training & education, communications and social media management.

The targeting and customization was one challenge, but where BOLD! really shines was in the design and integration of the Connected Technology enabling cross-platform access and views with continuously updated contiguous information however accessed by whichever targeted base.

The Process

BOLD! is vigilant in the maintenance of our client’s brand standards, especially for enterprise and mature businesses like Tupperware, and we’re never more strategically deliberate as when such a major brand entrusts us with helping them introduce a category outside their traditional business model.  We recognize the privilege of that relationship and believe our innovation, standards of quality, data security, transactional capabilities and institutional integrity contributed to their trust in BOLD! Technologies.

After a careful and thorough discovery process, BOLD! presented Tupperware with a Digital Ecosystem and technology-based Product Roadmap platform so that their vision of the future could be realized. Visually engaging, interactive and comprehensive, the initial 45 page project plan was as thorough as the ecosystem itself promised to be.

Wherever developers could replicate a functionality across targets,they leveraged all operational efficiencies on the clients’ behalf. Each target group received unique customization and each individual personalized versioned communications but far more intricate was the connectivity required across and among all platforms.




Although Tupperware Brands announced the sale of its Beauticontrol assets last year (December 2017) they’ll continue to receive royalties from this platform due, in significant part, to the contributions and innovation enabled by BOLD! Technologies.

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