Mobile is BOLD!... Has "Giving" gone Mobile?

As we came across this fantastic study, highlighted by one of our favorite resources, Pro Bono Australia, it is not surprising that we were interested in learning even more about the significance and the impact that mobile technologies have around the globe and specifically "down under", as mobile is certainly changing the way people are using technology to impact a vertical  we are most passionate about - schools, organizations, nonprofits!

After spending time understanding the survey by international digital consultancy Reading Room, we fully agree that the lack of a mobile presence, "represents a significant missed opportunity for charities as mobile offers them a new touchpoint through which to fundraise and receive donations.” Ian Laslett, Managing Director of Reading Room.

  • Reading Room reviewed the web presence of 30 of Australia’s most prominent charities and found that only a small minority are using either the mobile web or mobile apps to engage with their audiences.
  • Over 73 per cent of Australians own a smartphone but only 16 per cent of charities offer a mobile optimised website, according to a new survey.
  • The data is clear that charities are missing out on mobile. 
  • It found that Australian charities are failing to use mobile to reach, engage and raise revenue from the general public.
  • Reading Room says this revelation comes as the number of people using their phones as their primary way of accessing the internet is increasing day by day. 
  • According to the reading Room report many brands are redesigning their websites according to responsive design principles which means content resizes and repositions to fit all screen sizes. 
  • Simple mobile optimised donation forms should enable individuals to give with the minimum of fuss and entice them to sign up for updates via email or social media. 

“Developing such sites requires fairly significant time and resources – during this time potential donations will go missing as individuals struggle to give online. A set of mobile optimised templates including a donation form and link to a payment gateway could be developed cost effectively and in a short timeframe so charities can quickly take advantage of this channel.”   Laslett mentions.

The additional data that recent statistics from PwC on retailing showing that mobiles made up 21% of eCommerce traffic in the first quarter of 2013/14 and over a third of Australian smartphone users shop whilst they are on the move, was even more exciting to note, as this offers more opportunity to provide products that are meaningful in ones everyday life! "Charities should use mobile to cater for ‘impulse donations’ – those moments when individuals feel inspired to give because of something they’ve seen, something they’ve heard." concludes Laslett.

Finally, it was an an eye opener read and find out that, though there are many similar behaviors in the adoption of mobile, social and geolocation based products around the globe, there are a few differing aspects too. Specifically regarding the Australian market place here is some info we found to be interesting:

  • Australians have few qualms about paying for goods or services through the mobile web so charities are missing a big opportunity to raise revenue through this channel.
  • People prefer to drop coins into a bucket than to fill out direct debit forms – the same applies online

Though we find ourselves fortunate enough to service our clients, planning and developing mobile strategies, designing solutions to meet their all important enterprising needs and a mobile presence, we also appreciate that we are in a unique position, working on our own in house products that enable deserving communities to jump on the mobile bandwagon and do good! 

The opportunity we provide, to customize mobile apps and services and to offer the BOLD! Mobile Community Platform as a Platform as a Service, (PaaS) helping communities not only communicate their content and events directly to their community, with a powerful mobile presence is humbling! More importantly we are excited, especially after reading these statistics, that we continue to enable these communities to monetize their mobile apps to their benefit, for little to no upfront cost at all! 

Do you know of a Community that would like to go Mobile and begin fundraising? Let us know, comment below and we will be happy to contact them and get them signed up!


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