Be BOLD! Build Relationships, Mobile Manners Matter

“It’s about building a relationship, and if you do that the sales will follow because they will get excited about your brand.” says Rebecca Borison, editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York after a candid conversation with Coleen Carey, vice president of product at Urban Airship, Portland, OR. An authentic yet BOLD! statement that is profound in its' simplicity. We came across her fantastic article over at Mobile Commerce Daily were she covered the latest and greatest on the Mobile Shopping Fall Summit.  Most interestingly, the suggestion that Carey makes regarding Push notifications, is that brands should leverage the home screen of mobile devices to engage their consumers.

As with everything there are best practices for Push notifications and her advice was certainly in line with the idea that brands need to look at building and nurturing the ever sought after and precious relationship with their consumer. A few words of wisdom are well worth sharing here. This, along with the fact that we can certainly appreciate the advice since this is an exciting take being that our goal here at BOLD! is to do exactly that and more. Not only do we want to build those relationships on mobile, our vision is to make them even more relevant and meaningful to community! More on this in another post!

Below are some of the standout items and best practices for push notifications we wanted to highlight and share from the article:

  • Retailers should skip pushing sales.
  • Offer relevant information that heightens consumers’ loyalty to the brand and lead to long-term sales lifts. 
  • Be timely with immediate, relevant updates.
  • Honor the consumer, according to Ms. Carey, 80 percent of time spent on mobile is in applications and only 20 percent is spent within the mobile Web.
  • Brands need to maintain a strong relationship with consumers to build trust.
  • Create utility, when using push notifications, brands should create real utility for the consumer to provide them with experiences that matter to them.

A great example that was given is that of Rip Curl, the Australian-based surfboard brand. They understood what information their consumers valued to provide meaningful push notifications. The brand leverages an inbox to let consumers follow things as :

  • Updates about weather and surfing competitions.
  • Consumers can get a message in the morning that says whether or not the competition is still on.
  • Enabling consumers follow their favorite surfers.

Not only does Rip Curl provide valuable information, but they provide personalized information based on a consumer’s individual preferences.

Moreover, as the article ended we felt a great appreciation that Mobile Manners are becoming more important than ever, and no, we are not talking about the consumers manners using mobile, rather that fact that Brands are expected to become more human and therefor are required to act a certain way and abide by certain "norms". Stated so eloquently Carey mentions that “It’s a privilege to be there, and it’s important to honor the privilege" especially regarding the fact that “brands are invited to occupy the most valuable real estate on the planet which is the homescreen of the smartphone."

Finally,  as the importance of mobile continues and the need to have an authentic mobile presence and story rises, it is important to remember and respect that if "the consumer downloads your app, they’ve indicated that they have interest, they may have said yes to push notifications, so they have given you permission to interact with them, they may have even given you information about their location and because of the nature of mobile you have the ability to do segmentation like never before,” Ms. Carey states. In our opinion that lends itself to the opportunity that most mobile experiences should value this privilege while always making the experience meaningful. 

What are your thoughts on the push notifications you have received lately? Are brands being meaningful, asking you to interact in a non pushy way? Let us know as we too are working on our own BOLD! push notifications and your insights will help us make sure our messages have manners!  





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