The World Awaits, a BOLD! Conference

This past week I was incredibly inspired as a Women Business Owner attending the National Association of Women Business Owners convention in Miami! The hashtag used throughout the conference was #NAWBOWBC or #WBC2013 and I encourage you to continue the conversation!

The theme of the conference this year, was a nod to innovation and a celebration of incredible industry trailblazers as Charlotte Beers, along with the inspiration of a two women team Alexis Maybank and Alexandra W. Wilson founders of  who today, are taking the technology and fashion world by storm!

A legend in our industry, Beers was powerful, persuasive and poised as she delivered a heartfelt testimony in her keynote, of where she began and the changes she has seen! As the woman who broke the glass ceiling in advertising, what an honor it was to be in her presence! 

Though as many of us can attest, industry conferences can be a challenge to make time for, it is certainly a welcome surprise to become motivated, fuel up and most importantly create meaningful relationships. Such was the case for BOLD! at the #NAWBOWBC this year.

Between such Leadership Sessions as, Resolving Board Conflict, to the fun and funky morning session led by Deirdre Maloney, who shared with us her "Tough Truths" with of course her "mild dose sarcasm" the truth that "Great leaders know what they want and they go after it relentlessly", to the communications professional and speaker extraordinaire, Anne B. Freedman, who inspired us into action. Helping us understand the core values of human communications, she was kind enough to share with us her WOW Pitch app  an awesome tool facilitating much needed wise words for all things from raising capital to dating and pickup lines! How great is that!

As the theme "the world truly awaits your next big move as a strong, innovative woman" sponsors as Wells Fargo, Chase and Bank of America all came together and with a slight hint of cheekiness to the nonsense in Washington, courted and shared their commitment and how supportive Big Banks are to Small Biz, especially woman owned small business!

Billie Dragoo President of NAWBO National mentions, "...our world has discovered that we women who create and lead companies are extremely vital for the future. That fact has been broadcast by the head of the World Bank ...Sheryl Sandberg and the World Economic forum just to name a few." And as she continued sharing the success stories of women entrepreneurs and business owners we were all empowered to continue creating profitable businesses that employ millions of citizens, and I was particularly enthused in the celebration that as woman in leadership, "we also do it differently and we lead differently." and that is reason enough to continue to grow, move our businesses along carving out unconventional paths, using technologies and new business models unique to our own styles of deeply rooted in collaborative efforts and innovative thinking!

Gina Rudan a true testament to genius herself, was adamant to let us all know that we are true geniuses and reminded us to look for our inner Genius using a few easy steps!

  • Identify your Genius
  • Express your Genius
  • Surround yourself with Genius
  • Fuel your Genius
  • Market your Paradox and Genius

And just as I thought we could not be inspired any further, Allison Maslan came to mind as she encourages us to "look at thoughts feelings and actions and behind the actions, find results, create strategy, build relationships and find experts to implement strategy"


NAWBO Sand Castle: Opening celebration at Nikkei Beach, South Miami Beach   

NAWBO Sand Castle: Opening celebration at Nikkei Beach, South Miami Beach


As I conclude this all to brief blog, I can only hope I have captured the relentless power, the wisdom and the commitments of those women I am most determined to follow as I move forward celebrating success, encouraging creativity, marching forward in a spirit of collaboration. I invite you to comment and to share this blog as an inspiration to a woman in business!

Cheers to a fantastic group of people and the long awaited opportunity to celebrate how far we have come!


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