A BOLD! Start: Twitter Goes Public

Last Thursday, profitless but still one of the world’s largest social media company became the world’s most expensive tech company when it came on the market as an initial public offering (IPO). Twitter started trading shares in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) last week at $26 per share and the price quickly moved up to $45 per share.  Making Twitter worth $32 Billion, meaning that it is worth more than companies like Charles Scwabb, Adobe Systems, and Norfolk Southern. The company’s IPO has made approximately 1600 new millionaires.

In order to avoid going down the path Facebook went when it became an IPO last year, Twitter has locked up it’s shares until May 6, 2014. This means that shareholders will not sell shares, in order to reassure investors and allow Twitter to focus on how money is to be made off the company. The company does not plan on a drastic increase of ads in users streams.

Twitter is not the only company benefitting from it becoming an IPO, Twitter’s initial public offering sparks investor’s interests in younger companies, it encourages them to take certain risky steps and get involved at companies from an earlier stage. What does this mean for emerging tech companies? It means that we may see companies who were looking into going public, on the market within the next year.

What are your thoughts with the recent IPO's? Let us know what and how you think this will affect the company, the culture and the offerings! We always appreciate input and enjoy sharing perpspectives in our community!

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