A BOLD! Mobile Comeback

Microsoft and Nokia have been household names for quite a while now, these two companies once dominated a technology market that is now overtaken by Apple and Android. After being knocked from the top of the list, it has become increasingly hard to take back that lead, but recent measures have been taken so that over time, there is a possibility that they could knock Apple and Android out of their positions. Microsoft is buying Nokia’s Devices and Services division for a little over 7.17 billion dollars, and the deal should be closed out by early 2014. The two companies have been working together for a couple years now on various smartphones. The combination of Microsoft’s quality software, and Nokia’s quality hardware will put Microsoft back in the competition against Android and Apple.

What exactly is Microsoft getting from Nokia?

  • Nokia’s Devices and Services Business Division

  • Industry-leading design team

  • All Nokia Devices and Services related production facilities

  • Services Related Sales and Marketing activities

  • 32,000 employees

  • 10-year license to the Nokia Brand


While we don’t know how this venture will ultimately turn out, prospects looks both good and bad for the companies. The transition will be easy because the companies have worked well together for so long, the success of the products produced from this venture will tell the story about the comeback of Microsoft and Nokia.

What are your thoughts on these tech giants joining forces and their mobile strategy to take over Apple? Will they do so?

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