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As we approach the end of the year we can all agree that technology is abundant and that the internet has become the fastest and most successful way to reach billions of people anywhere and at any time. Mobile is on fire and 2014 promises to be the year where finally the "internet of things" is a thing we can all see and experience. Social Media has become an important step to networking and making connections, and businesses that take the time to embark on this social journey will give themselves an edge. That being said we here at BOLD! would like to share some of our own wisdom with our readers and discuss the above over the next couple of blogs so stay tuned!  Today we begin with our observations on top social media sites that enable businesses to be successful. Our next blog promises to discuss the "internet of things" and we invite all opinions and comments as we are closing out this fantastic year after much learning, many accomplishments and excitement for the year ahead.

Facebook: We are all familiar with the blue and white logo, that symbolizes facebook. But here are a few reasons that it is an asset for your business.

  • As of March 2013 Facebook had about 1.5 Billion users. With around 800 million monthly visitors.

  • It offers a business page, with analytics on viewers and the amount of people your business is connecting to.

  • The like and share button can be placed on your business’s website and allow users to automatically connect to the page.

Twitter: Micro-blogging at it’s best! This site is an amazing tool for several reasons, and it’s not just because tweeting sounds like something fun to do.

  • Twitter has approximately 200 million active users as of February 2013.

  • The 140 character limit appeals to the user who is constantly on the go.

  • People can easily follow your business to be updated on news

  • Your business can follow and be connected to fellow businesses and leaders in your industry.

LinkedIn: We can call this the extensive online resume for your business.

  • Allows your business to interact and network with past, present, and future employees.

  • Allows your business to network and connect with other businesses

  • An effective way to attract clients and maintain communication with clients

The above three are just a few of the social media sites that will aid your business. Other sites like Pinterest and Instagram, give both present clients and potential clients a chance to view the interior workings of your business, allowing them to really connect, and it also provides a great option presenting a brand in a visual manner. It will be important to stay up to date with the social business trends of 2014. You can do this by participating in the various conversations that occur via interactions such as Twitter chats, or Google+ Hangouts and Facebook groups, that are geared toward social businesses and how to adapt to the ever-changing social media frontier.

If you’ve enjoyed this article feel free to comment below, and we invite you to join us in conversation on all our social media platforms, we are on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest and Google+ too!

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