LOL...? Google BOLD!ly Says About New iPhone

As we read TheStreet today we could not help but notice the tad bit of a 'terse tongue' used to describe the innovations or lack there of by what has been considered one of the world's most innovative companies!

Yes, we are talking about Apple. Anton Wahlman of The Street, made a couple of comparisons regarding Google and the new iPhone just launched. We enjoyed the slightly sarcastic tone of the author and invite you to share with us examples and your thoughts on some of both Apples and/or Googles innovations that have captured your attention.

His description that Google's (GOOG_) management team is "dancing around its new KitKat statue today, having dodged what could have been a competitive bullet or two from Apple (APPL)" was especially entertaining! In light of the fact that many anticipated an announcement of possibly the new iWatch, iTV or even a new laptop, could he be right? That said, there was nothing new from Apple that could stop Google's market share forward momentum.

For now here are a few snippets on who is having a field day and why, along with some  of Wahlmans remarks that got us thinking:  

  • Nokia (NOK_). Apple's new iPhone 5C is seemingly a flawless copy of the Nokia 620 that has already been available for several months.
  • Nokia 620 is approximately half that of the iPhone 5C.
  • Fingerprint sensor? You mean the same thing I got on my Dell (DELL_) laptop in 2007?
  • And on the Motorola (MSI_) Atrix Android smartphone in January 2011?


"If Apple's latest claim to fame is to having copied a Dell 2007 laptop and a January 2011 Motorola smartphone, then Apple is in trouble." he says. 

Google's Android and Chrome teams were already nicely ahead of Apple's iOS team in terms of

  • service integration.
  • customization
  • ease of use 
  • ability to ship a given grade of hardware at a much lower price.

Additionally here are a few points as to why Google might be doing the happy dance today:

  • Google's Android and Chrome teams seek to extend their existing lead over Apple in the next few months.
  • The company will introduce Android OS version 4.4 KitKat, a slew of new Chromebook laptops starting around $199.
  • Chromepad (touchscreen Chrome OS tablet).
  • Chromephone (Chrome OS replacing Android on the smartphone) will be out next summer.
  • The pace of innovation at Google is simply faster than it is at Apple these days.

Join in the conversation, let us know do you agree that Google is ahead of this game so far?




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