Galaxy Gear, BOLD! Enough?

It's almost that time again where Disrupt SF 2013 will once again showcase some startups trying to solve big problems in networking, business software and security next week during the Battlefield competition at Disrupt SF . That got us thinking, is the Galaxy Gear greatly disruptive? Below are some points to ponder:

The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch is fun and speaks well to our inner nerd but here are a few things not quite so swell:

  • UI is sluggish.
  • Requires charging once a day.
  • Samsung may have overloaded it with applications, which seems to be the case.
  • Does the watch to look like it could belong to an adult? Sammy might want to hire an Italian designer!
  • The Smartwatch should be smart enough to stand alone. Enabling it to be worn  running or hiking and not have need for another device.

That said, does you inner nerd really want it? The Galaxy Gear watch is hot, even if it has a few critical flaws.

  • The Galaxy Gear watch seems to hit most checkboxes.
  • The watch’s design is fashion-forward without being completely nerdy.
  • It’s available in a wide range of colors.
  • And it packs a good amount of tech including a camera into a modest-sized frame.
  • The screen is attractive.
  • It’s open to applications and there’s even a camera in the wrist band, because why not. And you can actually take calls on the thing by holding it up to your ear.

So in the end here is what our inner nerd would have liked to have seen:

  • A watch that employs a curved LCD. Samsung has been talking about curved displays for years now. If any product begs for a curved display, surely a watch would be one.
  • A watch that needs to be charged everyday. I get tired of charging different devices. 
  • A watch should run for at least a week. Didn't  the old Palm PDAs have better battery life?
  • With ALL the various Android devices on the market, wondering why would Samsung introduce a watch that ONLY works with a yet to be shipped Samsung product?

After all and per Matt Burns over at TechCrunch: Should you buy the Galaxy Gear? "Nah, wait for the next one. Or Apple’s smartwatch. That’s what I’m going to do. A Pebble is good enough for me until then. But I still want this one. Well done, Samsung."

Check out the article by Matt Burns and find out more! Leave us a comment and Let us know, BOLD! enough for you? 


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