Smart Homes, BOLD! Arrivals

We appreciate the approach taken on the article written by Sarah Perez over at TechCrunch regarding the latest Amazon-related announcements surrounding the Kindle. Below are a few points that where covered:

  • Arrival of Kindle MatchBook
  • Updated Kindle Paperwhite (leaked a bit early)
  • New storefront focused on Home Automation products, including things like programmable thermostats, smart locks, sensors, video monitors, and more.

Smart people coming up with smart solutions are working to help push the home automation movement forward and where it seems we are heading. Technology  everywhere and The-Internet-of-Things along with the trends below are gaining momentum as the "automated house and digitally-controllable objects have long been a part of various “home of the future” visions, but is has only been more recently that we’ve begun to see a surge of devices with more mainstream appeal."

  • broadband access lowered costs
  • smartphones as computers helping control our devices
  • crowd-funding enabling lowered development and materials costs
  • VC audiences willing to jump in

Earlier on some of these home automation products were complex and setups was difficult. Much larger investments on the part of consumers where required, but there are a few latest products that are breaking with tradition!  Check out the new Home Automation Store here on

Check out the article over at TechCrunch by Sarah Perez and find out more!

Source: TechCrunch




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