We recently came across a new book out on the importance of using social media to create a new type of social business by Sandy Carter, General Manager, IBM ISV & Ecosystem Evangelism. Not only do we like the name of her latest book; "GET BOLD: Using Social Media to Create a new type of Business", for obvious reasons, even more so we appreciate the message!     

Said another way, it's all about building COMMUNITY! and understanding how those relationships impact business on a global scale, while managing the all important ties to local cultures and trends. 

Here at BOLD! and we particularly enjoyed her interview with Tom Smith, CEO GlobalWebIndex: the worlds largest digital consumer study. This interview was conducted as part of her SXSW speaking proposal on ‘How to Avoid Being a Social Zombie in a Global World’.

Leaving us with more to explore in her upcoming session, the insights partially touched upon in the interview were fascinating. From the unique and far-reaching study of the patterns of key decision makers to the specific findings, a must-read for anyone who does business globally!

In her own words: "Take, for instance, the GlobalWebIndex finding that those decision makers who interact most on social networks are from emerging markets such as Thailand, Turkey and Mexico. If you are looking to do business in the emerging markets, don’t ignore the local social networks!"

Most obvious, is that these decision makers make heavy use of mobile technologies to access social networks, whether that be a smartphone or a tablet. "Business happens around the clock and these folks are always on. Are you?" Ms. Carter mentions.  

Decision makers overwhelmingly responded that they consider the most influential marketing channel the ‘Conversations with people from the company/organization on a social network’. "Your employees are a more trusted source than than your webinars, sales presentations or events. This is in line with our push here at IBM to become a social business: we have a strong emphasis on employee enablement." she said. 

You’ll find more even more helpful insights in this 8 minute webinar recorded with Tom Smith. We look forward to your comments and opinions!

Source: Sandy Carter, Author and IBM Vice President  


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