Motion Based Tech, It's Here

Motion based technology has become an integral factor in the future of the smartphone, tablet and the rest of the mobile industry. It has provided a unique interface and experience for it’s users, making simplicity a swipe away. While we would think voice technology is on the rise with Apple’s Siri, it has been noted that most users do not use the voice technology on their phones. The mobile movement has pushed more interaction between smartphones and their users while still allowing users to interact with their phones silently.

Gestures are an increasingly popular use of motion technology movement. Of course the movement is still in it’s infancy stages in the smartphone industry, but it is most definitely the face of the mobile future.  Below are just a few programs where gestures are apart of the main platform.

Eye motion has become an increasingly used  vehicle for the advancement of motion in mobile technology. From the Galaxy S3 which detects whether or not the user is looking at the screen, to the S4 which employs features such as eye scrolling, to the Google Glass, where now the only thing users have to to do to take pictures is wink.

BOLD! is always forward thinking and on the move exploring new horizons in the technological arena, and motion technology via gestures will be just the beginning of our endeavors into this arena. What are some of your ideas on how to use this technology in a new and innovative way? Please, feel free to comment below, we would love to keep these conversation going on all things Technology, Education, Community (TeC!)

Research Credit: Sapphire Huie

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