New iBeacon Interactions, Same Technology?

Imagine, getting in your car after someone else has used it, and the seat automatically adjusts to the way you usually like it, or you are at a doctor’s office and the magazines you once picked up off the table, you can now pull up on your phone. Well with the improvements of bluetooth technology, these feats are becoming increasingly available worldwide. Today we want to take a look at one of these emerging technologies, the Apple iBeacon. 

The Apple iBeacon allows iOS and Android devices to sense their presence so that information can be transmitted at a specific location, through things like push notifications. There are four characteristics of the iBeacon that we want to explore.

  • Combining Digital Content and Physical Locations

    • Allows for users to look up info about their location

    • Allows for business owners to provide digital content to their customers at their place of business.

  • Seamless Setup For All Your Gadgets

    • Using people’s physical presence, such as fingerprints to personally setup their gadgets. Apple currently holds the patent for using a fingerprint to customize any computer to the user’s preference.

  • Retail

    • Retailers are using the iBeacon to transmit content to consumer’s devices about the stores they’re in, even for specific sections in  the store. Coupons are literally at customers fingertips and the option of buying their items right where they stand is readily available.

  • Interaction With The People Around You

    • The newer iOS phones and androids phones have the built in Bluetooth LE so these devices can be their own iBeacons, allowing you to connect with the people immediately surrounding yourself. This enables features like game playing or chat services among other things.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what the iBeacon will have to offer the world, we hope to see some more new and exciting features, and we are already thinking of some fun ways we think BOLD! can use the iBeacon to improve our products and services. We would like to know your thoughts on the iBeacon, feel free to comment and share!






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