Samsung Galaxy S5, a Universe of BOLD! Features

Around 2pm on Monday, Samsung unveiled the new Galaxy S5 to the world at Mobile World Congress 2014. The phone has a similar look to its predecessors. The difference is that it has a perforated back for a comfortable and natural grip and it currently comes in four colors: Electric Blue, Charcoal Black, Shimmery White and Gold. The user interface is cleaner, using larger and more visual icons. It has a 5.1 Super Amoled Screen with full HD, local CE, super dimming features and adaptive display to provide a superior viewer experience. It has a 16-megapixel camera that includes:

·         Fast Auto Focus includes increased precision. It can autofocus in 0.3 seconds

·         High Dynamic Range instantly controls light exposure and works for videos as well.

·         Selective Focus allows user to decide what is in focus or out of focus.


The phone has increased LTE and Wi-Fi Speeds. It includes full LTE coverage and allows for up to 8 bands. It uses the Wi-Fi MiMo combined with 5th generation Wi-fi technology to provide a better Wi-Fi experience. The phone also has a new feature called the Download Booster. This combines the improved Wi-Fi and LTE coverage to provide consumers with a faster download experience.

The S5 also features better protection using IP67 water and dust resistant technology. The finger scanner included on the model, encrypts the fingerprint onto the device making it easier for you to keep your personal info private, but allow you to access it easily with a single swipe of your finger.


One of the best features that is offered with this phone is one that Android users have struggled with for a long time now, the battery life. The phone has an increased battery life that can allow users to watch up to 10 hours of video. It also has an ultra-power-saving mode which turns display to black and white, and shuts off all features to just essential functions like calling and text messaging.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 will also be the first smartphone to host a built in heart rate sensor combined with a variety of fitness apps as well as the Gear 2 to help users effectively track their fitness.

The S5 has quite a few exciting features and will be released on April 11, 2014 to around 150 countries. We at BOLD! want to hear what you think, feel free to comment below!

Source: Mobile World Congress 2014

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