The Social Branding Marketplace

In a previous blog, A BOLD! Approach Listen First  we learned about the 8 steps by which we can increase customer loyalty and inspire interaction between the consumer and the brand. As a continuation, we have identified three strategic principles for the marketplace and how to further increase consumer support. We will discuss the future of profits, contrast two different marketing strategies and finally discuss the evolution of consumption.

Communicated properly to the employees business is more effective, everyone has a general consensus of the objectives, strategies and plans of action. The employees can then present the product to the consumer in a more meaningful manner. The aspect of shared values and goals is a key asset in captivating the consumer and managing their attention. This in turn works to inspire loyalty, goodwill and sales which transform into profit. Simply said, it is important to your bottom line as a brand to identify:

  • Who you are

  • What your core values are

  • What you stand for

Celebrant not Celebrity.

Conversations between the consumer and the company are constantly in flow from information obtained by sales, transactions and feedback. The shift from the celebrity to the celebrant of the consumer focuses on the objective of obtaining the consumers attention. The celebrity draws attention to the brand whereas the celebrant celebrates the consumers and what is meaningful to their lives. Brands that celebrate customer are more likely retain their attention due to the relatability and when the brand celebrates the customers, they are more likely to talk about to on social channels.

The evolutions of revolution is contribution.

Making a contribution meaningful to consumers sets you apart from your competitors. The previous mindstate of “dog eat dog” tactics have been changed to the desire to make a difference. Revolutionizing the brand, marketing and strategies to include meaningful contributions to the consumer further captives the consumers.

Let us know if your brand is experiencing a sense of community mentioned. Also, have you experienced a brand that has grabbed your attention this way? Comment below.


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