The Mobile Editor on the Rise

It is obvious to many that Mobile has become increasingly more important over the last few years, and now the newsrooms are paying attention to this trend. According to Digiday, a lot of news stations have hired mobile editors specifically to write news stories for mobile.

As publishers see up to half their traffic arriving on mobile, many of them — including The Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Washington Post — are staffing their newsrooms with mobile editors who know how to tweak and create content specifically for mobile devices. That can mean making sure an image is smartphone-friendly. Or it could mean sending out push alerts in breaking-news situations. 

Many mobile editors are still learning on the job when it comes to what makes a news story mobile friendly. As veteran David Ho, editor for mobile, tablets and emerging technology at The Wall Street Journal states,

“There is a massive shift underway in how people consume digital information, and the mobile editor is really in the eye of that storm.” 

A step in the right direction, as it means that “media companies are acknowledging that they have to put mobile at the center, not the periphery, of their operations.”

Today, he’s thinking about the best strategies for new platforms, tablets, and more recently, wearable devices like Google Glass. This might sound like more of a tech job, but it’s actually central to the future of journalism since how content is presented can be just as important as reporting and editing.

Have you noticed that news sites are easier than ever to pull up on your phone? Learn more about this at Digiday.

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