Are Mobile Wallets the Future for Restaurants?

Yogen Fruz has made a successful transition from hole punch loyalty cards to a new mobile reward system in the form of a free app. The customer is then able to make payments for in-store purchases that will earn them points, and those points will turn into rewards. Convenience for the customer was one of the reasons that Yogen Früz decided to launch the successful app. Having seen the $1 Billion revenue that Starbucks made via mobile purchases in 2013, Yogen Früz was happy to make the transition. Their hopes are to bring in the same high numbers of revenue like those before them.

Many businesses are successfully adopting mobile strategies for the convenience of their customers. How do you feel mobile usage has affected your own industry? Are you more likely to adapt to new technology when you see another business has done so successfully? Let us know in the comments!

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