Android Takes the Lead . . .

Android takes the lead in the smartphone world

Overall, the smart phone industry did really well in 2013, according to Strategy Analytics; smart phone shipment worldwide grew 41%, shipping 990 million units. 79% of all smart phones shipped world wide were, which of the following:

A. Android
B. Microsoft
C.  Windows
D. Apple

Did you pick Apple? If you did, you are surprisingly wrong. In 2013, Android took the lead, surpassing all competitors.

Having the majority of the pie, the assumption that Android has the largest app platform should be right, oddly enough, it is not. Who does have the largest app platform? Apple. Why is that? Well, it seems like developers favor iOS in order to make more money. Apple has the largest platform with high numbers of paid for apps. Custom mobile app development for iOS is also more comprehensive and sophisticated.

What will 2014 look like for Android apps? Share your predictions below

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