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“Let’s get tidy!” said your dishwasher to your washing machine, imagine this - Connected Household Appliances. Bosch Siemens Hausgerate (BSH) announced its upcoming reveal of a smartphone app to control appliances - Home Connect. It is expected to be made available late this year for iOS and next year for android.

Based on BSH research, 66% of consumers want to control all their appliances with a single app. The app will not only control devices from Bosch and Siemens, but other brands as well. Home Connect will be an open platform, designed for a range of domestic appliances. The Home Connect project manager Claudia Happ adds, “Even though we would like everyone to only buy our appliances, the reality is that about 90% of households own different brands of appliances,” she said.  “People want a free choice of different brands. But they want one simple app to control everything.”

The app utilizes the home Wi-Fi network and if the user is away from home, the app can communicate to the appliance via the internet. With this, security is a main focus of many consumers, Happ stated that BSH has contracted professional hackers to challenge them to break into their systems. Additionally, Happ has contacted many competitors to ensure that the app is compatible with their products as well. Since there is no current accepted communication standard for remote control appliances, Happ envisions those the creation of those standards in the upcoming years.

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