How Does Mobile Usage Affect Consumers and Retailers?

Recently, Deloitte Digital did a study to find how consumers use their mobile devices when it comes to retail purchases. Whether it be social media, email, or web browsing - shoppers using their mobile devices influence 36 cents of every dollar spent at physical retail stores, to a total of $1.1 trillion. Mobile usage is so effective that Jeff Simpson, from Deloitte Digital, expects that number to increase to 50%, or $1.5 trillion.

 mobile usage affects consumers and retailers, BOLD! Technologies

mobile usage affects consumers and retailers, BOLD! Technologies

M-Commerce sales account for $40 billion while mobile-influenced sales hit $593 billion. Instead of targeting consumers in mobile channels, like social media and email, retailers are focussing on m-commerce that just doesn't appeal to their customers. The problem is that mobile sites include thousands of SKUs and items for customers to scroll through, but a very small percentage of those items are easily found in the store. Consumers are getting frustrated and disappointed.

The fix? Retailers need to first understand how to utilize mobile aspects like social media. Jeff Simpson went on to say, "People go back and share what they just bought, so it has the most impact as the last step. But that also fuels interest other people have in making the same purchase." Out of 2,000 consumers surveyed, 75% of them said that social media has some sort of influence over their purchases, and it also builds brand loyalty. Retailers also need to create mobile sites and apps that benefit their customers and the mobile experience.

Do you use a mobile channel like social media or applications to create retail purchases? What do you think of these findings? Let us know in the comments!

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