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 Mobile Development - Rufus Cuff Smartwatch

The Rufus Cuff is the newest innovation in mobile development for smartwatches. This is wearable technology, and it provides users with the ability to communicate hands-free. The cuff has an adjustable strap and a 3-inch display screen to easily make calls, text, send emails, and use other helpful features.

TechCrunch summarizes it's main features as the following:

"The wearable device, which bills itself as a “wrist communicator” and runs on Android, has access to the full Google Play store; a built-in mic, speaker, and camera; a full Web browser; accelerometer and gyroscope; touchscreen keyboard; and attaches to a switchable silicone band in five colors. Both iOS and Android devices can be controlled by the Rufus Cuff."

You can watch a video about the features and uses of the Rufus Cuff below.

While the Rufus Cuff already has some great features, one of the most useful is a simple reminder if you left your phone behind. The cuff connects through to your smartphone, so if you start to get too far from it, it will set off an alert that you don't have the phone with you. It will also track how many steps you've walked, how many calories you've burned, and how many miles you have gone. You can easily control your music as well, all without taking your phone out. If you're interested, the Rufus Cuff will retail for about $249 and has an expected release date of September 2014.

What do you think of the Rufus Cuff? Is this something that would be useful for you? Let us know in the comments!

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