10 BOLD! and Social Tech Trends for the Next Decade

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Video glasses, Thumb pads and Mobile Card readers, not only do these technological devices exist in present-day, they were predicted in the critically acclaimed Steven Spielberg film Back to the Future. Technological advancements for the past couple of centuries have been changing our daily lives. These developments in gadgets have revolutionized and are changing our society.

These trends and the knowledge of these trends are the beginning of understanding your opportunities. We will go over the top 10 mega trends for this coming decade.

  1. Connectivity and Convergence
  2. “Bricks and Clicks”
  3. Future of Mobility
  4. Urbanization
  5. Social Trends Changing
  6. Health, Wellness and Well being
  7. Innovating to zero
  8. Smart is the new “green”
  9. Value for many
  10. Future of Energy

1) Connectivity and Convergence

By 2020, there will be over 5 billion internet users and a predicted 80 billion connected devices worldwide. Connected living will involve digital assistants that guide our everyday lives and a new range of technology enabled services will and shape our everyday experiences.

2) “Bricks and Clicks”

Nearly 19% of global B2C retail will happen online, with online retail sales expected to reach $4.3 trillion by 2025. An impact of this will be the focus by businesses on creating a seamless customer journey and a unique and personalized customer experience throughout the life cycle of the product/service.

3) Future of Mobility

People and organizations, in the near future, will want personal mobility to travel from A to B, as their journeys will become integrated with intelligent and smart technologies.

4) Urbanization - City as a Customer

In the future, we will see cities expanding to form mega cities, mega regions and even mega corridors, such as the Boston to Washington DC (BosWash) corridor which has a predicted population of 58.2 million and account for 20 percent of United States GDP in 2025. These mega cities will become so large that businesses will regard them as focus centers for investment - a central piece of their strategy.

5) Social Trends Changing

The rise of middle class, an aging population and the increase in women’s empowerment just to name a few are changing the socioeconomic culture in our future society.

6) Health, Wellness and Well being

Healthcare will change as economies struggle to afford healthcare costs and the focus will shift to mass prevention and diagnoses and to wellness aspects of the mind, body and soul.

7) Innovating to zero

Zero emissions, zero accidents and zero fatalities - Cities and buildings will want to be carbon neutral. Organizations are already taking this as a key vision for business as seen by Atos developing a “zero email” or “zero inbox” strategy.

8) Smart is the new “green”

“Green Technology” is being replaced by smart technology -   from smart clothing, watches, phones, cars, to smart buildings and smart cities. The increase in “smart” products, which are connected and have the ability to sense, process, report, and take corrective action.

9) Value for many

Businesses can produce and sell product or service in both the developing and developed countries using the internet or through developing affordable products strategies.

10) Future of Energy

We will use more micro grids and energy storage technologies and possibly space-based solar power satellites that beam electricity to the earth.

Technological advancements for the past few decades or so have remained fluid and changing. The new trends of the the future are encouraging and to quote Back to the Future, 'Where we're going, we don't need roads'.