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You want it, We’ve got it - bt.tn can easily be mistaken for the Staples Easy Button but don’t get this interactive wireless mobile device mistaken with the office supply chain store. It’s not that easy. Connected to a cloud server, this device, which can be pre-order ed (for €69), is a physical, Internet-connected button (the bttn) that can be pressed in order to trigger a particular action.

The server offers you various configurable actions to trigger upon pressing of the bttn. Using a simple wizard, you can harness the power of various Internet technologies, such as HTTP, RSS, IFTTT, SmartThings, Twitter, Facebook, email, or SMS messaging. And we’re building more choices all the time
— http://techcrunch.com/2014/05/27/bttn/

This device can be used for a child to send an SMS text to their parents or an elderly person to push to send an SMS text alert to a relative if they are not feeling well or if they are.

The button pusher receives feedback on whether the command has been executed — currently this is visual feedback, via LEDs incorporated into the bttn.

Green for ‘command executed’

bt.tn BOLD! Technologies, mobile devices, mobile trends 

bt.tn BOLD! Technologies, mobile devices, mobile trends 

yellow for ‘wait’

red for ‘error’.

The startup says it’s also exploring adding voice as a way for bttn pushers to receive feedback, and also even for sending commands. Its key advantages include: simplicity of use, flexibility, low cost and ability to offer partner-branded devices and services.

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