A BOLD! Rise in Tablet Domination

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By 2014, 147.2 million US consumers are projected to use a tablet an increase of 11.3% from the 132.2 million in 2013. By 2018, it is projected that nearly half of US consumers will use a tablet. This new trending mobile device based on its portability, is challenging big screen PCs.

Many US consumers are replacing their PCs with tablets for activities in the home because of their portability making tablets the ideal mobile device. The current trend of tablets over PCs (desktops and laptops) in the future commits it at the leading device for watching digital video.

In 2014, 113.4 million US tablet users will watch video programming on their devices at least monthly - that is 77.0% of all tablet users. Tablet video viewing is one of these use cases, and its rapid growth speaks to tablets’ growing influence.

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Tablets are taking on a more important role in advertising and ecommerce as the number of tablet video viewers, the time US adults spend watching video on tablets is growing faster than on any other medium. 

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