Wearable Trend: Biosensing

Biosensing Wearables - mobile accessories which allow continuous physiological monitoring and in turn enhance user experience. Of the 90 million predicted wearable devices to be shipped in 2014, it is predicted that 74 million of those will be biosensing. ABI Research projects the wearable device sales volumes in 2014 to come from healthcare and sports and activity trackers. Significant potential to disrupt consumer electronics and the healthcare markets.

Recall our previous blog Technology woven into life: OMsignal biometric smartwearBiosensing wearables are unique in the purposes of collecting and translating biometric data making it convenient, easy to use and valid for the customer. 

Functional - The ability to connect and remain relevant to the user

Convenient  - The ability to maintain user engagement with the product.

Reliable - The impact of the validity of the data being collected.


See our article on 5 BOLD! Facts you wish you knew about wearables for more information on wearable technology. Any thoughts on this new trend in healthcare and technology? Let us know in the comments! 


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