4 Elements of Mobile Strategy Business

Global mobile technology, one of the biggest movements of the decade from smartphones to tablets to wearable technology it is only fitting that with this transition into a mobile technological world, companies and organizations must develop a valuable and useful Mobile Business Strategy to impact, connect and engage consumers. Customer Acquisition, Customer Loyalty, Mobile Commerce and Customer Experience - 4 areas in which companies must further develop to create and reach the right decisions for a successful Mobile Strategy Business.


1. Customer Acquisition mobile marketing strategies to gain new customers via mobile advertising, location based services, and mobile search engine optimization.

Where should your brand promote itself? What message should these ads send? - Both can be answered with knowledge of how consumers behave on mobile influences. Given, consumers behave different on smartphones and tablets in comparison to devices that are not mobile. Analyzing behaviors and user experiences across mobile devices is a great predictor of consumer behavior and e-commerce.


Converting your website to a mobile application can be the difference between gaining a few clicks to obtaining, maintaining and converting consumer relationships onto the brand, increasing brand loyalty. http://boldtech.co/blog/why-marketing-should-focus-on-brand-utility-in-mobile According to Mobile Marketer, brand utility is any service that is provided to the consumer as part of a brand promotion. It is meant to enhance the brand experience but is not the main product or service offered by the company.  


2. Customer Loyalty components of the mobile strategy in which customer adoption and frequency increase.

Consumers now expect real time, personalized and seamless engagement with the increases of instant messaging and social media feedback. Consumers are expecting personal service in addition to the personal service, they are inadvertently giving their peers/follower/friends/contacts feedback and input on the product. http://boldtech.co/blog/2014/1/27/a-bold-approach-listen-first

Keeping the customer engaged in the product and company product, increases the retention of customers which translates to brand loyalty.


3. Mobile Commerce ability of customer to easily place orders and make purchases through mobile website and mobile apps.

According to the New York Times, 17% of smartphone users made a payment with a mobile wallet application last year, which is almost triple the amount from 2012. So why are mobile applications getting so much attention? They're convenient. Having these mobile wallets available to users makes it easier to make transactions, borrow money and pay people back, as well as split bills when out with friends or family. http://boldtech.co/blog/are-mobile-wallets-replacing-physical-wallets


4. Customer Experience provides easy access to product details, location, and availability via customer service and support.

Understanding how users are engaging with your product can help increase visitor retention and develop a more meaningful relationship with your brand. An optimal user experience designer will always answer the question - “What does the user need?” A user centered design takes into account every stage in the life cycle and applies the tools and techniques of the designer making it an exceptional product. But, how do we accomplish this? Avoid making assumptions.

Two ways to avoid assumptions are to conduct  Ethnographic design research and conduct in-person and/or online surveys. The purpose is to provide insight to the needs and priorities of your target audience and give you a visual of how your customers see the world. Using these methods, you gain a new perspective on your product while at the same time developing a more clear direction of improvements which translate to the relational value of your product to consumers.

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