Mobile Marketing - Push Notifications

Just a little push is all you need - seriously. With the accumulation of mobile applications taking over with nearly 1 million apps available to download on iTunes alone , it seems only fitting that some apps are going to get lost in the clutter. Let’s face it, Mobile Applications are many but the few that evade deletion are strong. These applications provide useful and valuable information, products and services to the consumer. Push notifications are a key component to the survival of these applications. These Permission Based Communication Channels enable the applications to connect with the consumer anytime, any place. Simply put, Push Notifications are the voice of the app - directly socializing with customers.

Push notification enabled apps to connect with the consumer and contact to add value to the customers day. Take for example, ‘s use of push messages to add value and increase active user rate and engagement. They increase retention rates and increase returns to the application. Push notifications - though they have existed for more than a decade now- are a vital point of engagement between applications and consumers transferring information between the application and its consumers.

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