Mobile Trend - Collaboration on the go!

With the increasing popularity of mobile collaboration services as a means to sync multiple users to the same files simultaneously, emerges Quip - messaging and documents in one place. This multiplatform collaborative editing amongst others have changed the way we mobily collaborate.  

Let us examine how these mobile collaborative service providers work to promote the already popular move in how companies collaborate. Mobile devices, mobile applications and mobile technology have been the overall trend for the past few years. Looking into the future and present with this wave of increasing technological advances, it is only fitting that we begin to collaborate in a mobile manner.

Benefits of mobile collaboration -

    Multi-platform - desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android

    Cloud-based file storage services have decreased in cost, usage has increased

    The ability to sync multiple users to the same files simultaneously

    make changes, add comments, and chat via text

Bret Taylor, founder and CEO of quip claims “It’s like you walked over to someone’s desk and said, ‘Read this and let me know if you have any questions, It’s a very personal, intimate experience that has been lost since the days of e-mail.”

Group work as a form of communication is increased due to the smooth tracking and merging of changes to files. The increasing simplicity of group work via clouds in the internet is allowing mobile collaboration to become a growing trend in technology. Simply put, online collaboration with anyone anywhere, on any device.

What do you think of file storage services? Will these file sharing services be useful to you? Let us know in the comments.


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