3 Ways Indoor-GPS with iBeacons Improve the Retail Experience

iBeacons have the potential to enhance your brick and mortar store experience with “indoor GPS.” iBeacon transmitters send in-door information to your mobile phone depending on where a person might be standing inside a store.

Enhance In-Store Shoppers Experience

Stores can connect customer’s online and in-store shopping experiences. In-store visitors receive an alert, as soon as they walk into the door in real-time, about specials, receive coupons, guided to watch videos and receive last-minute shopping deals. The proximity transmitters relay discounts as a visitor approaches a particular spot in the store.  Or the proximity transmitters can tell visitors where to go to find their preferred products and help with the mobile payment process. 

Involve Fans In Real-Time at Venues

Large open venues like parks, stadiums, museums, restaurants, festivals and concerts can effortlessly involve participants and fans in a live event experience. Artists can interact with fans with exclusive content from the stage or before and after the concert. Interact with fans located near different spots inside the venue. Tracking fans movements in real-time help find and solve any congestion at doors, bathroom lines and park concessions. Concession stands can relay offers for food and souvenir deals at different times during the live event.


School classrooms equipped with proximity transmitters can help teachers work with students wearing wristbands. It can check who is present in the classroom, take attendance, as a campus navigation aide and, communicate with students during the day, as well as during parent-teacher meetings to share discussion notes, grades and stats. An iBeacon network can rapidly be deployed using LED bulbs with integrated iBeacon sensors.

iBeacon proximity transmitter’s operate on a Bluetooth technology network to send signals up to 500 feet away, use low-energy and available at a low cost between $5 and $20 each. Businesses can develop their own custom smartphone app software or wearable to take advantage of this advertising technology.

Do you have an idea  you would like to share with us? Have you come across an engaging experience where this technology may have inspired your purchasing decisions?