Taking the First Step Towards a Successful App

Mobile Application dominance is evident in this increasingly mobile world we live in. Over the recent years successful social apps have one thing in common: Swift sign ups - new users can sign up in under 3 seconds.  

As simple as it sounds, one of the first steps towards a successful app is creating a swift sign up. Downloading the app is not the only thing that matters; the experience of a swift sign up or the lack thereof is the difference between keeping users engaged before they even begin to use your app.

Here are some tips from social app developer and Forbes Contributor Seth Porges, of Cloth. Consider elements from the Checklist of concepts for app developers aiming to boost engagement.

1) How long does it take to sign-up?

2) How much of the sign-up process involves typing things out (as opposed to tapping buttons or selections)?

3) What is the least amount of information about your users that you can get by with for the time being?

4) If you’re missing some desired info about users, will their be opportunities for an engaged user to fill in the blanks later once you’ve proven your value to them?

5) Is there any sort of content or experience you can give users before forcing them to log in?

6) If you have an onboarding tutorial, is it a total drag to get through? Are there any clever ways you can teach users to use your app without subjecting them to a multislide lecture?

7) Are you letting users save time by signing up via an existing social network’s API, such as Facebook or Twitter? If not, why not?

8) Imagine typing a complex password on a mobile device. Now imagine doing it twice. Now ask yourself: Do you really need users to confirm their password, rather than just making it easy for them to retrieve or change it in the future?

All things considered, the first and simplest aspect of mobile apps is the sign up phase. The success of your social app can be suffering if aspect is overlooked, have you integrated any of the elements listed above in your app?  Let us know your experiences in the comments! 



A few months ago we reported how important brand utility is, especially for mobile marketers. It's so important, in fact, that some of the top companies are implementing these strategies in their own marketing campaigns to increase customer-engagement.