Apple iOS8 BOLD! and Beautiful?

Apple iOS 7 made its mark in design, but iOS 8 (free) is all about the user. New features and improved navigation, you'll simply have a better experience using your iPhone and iPad. With version 8, Apple continues to extend iOS's reach, as the new functionality isn't just about what you can do on your phone or tablet.

'It's also about how iOS devices communicate with one another and Mac computers. It's about how your whole family can now share an iTunes account, with one person managing permissions for other family members to buy apps, music, books, and movies. It's about how easily you can communicate with other people." writes Jill Duffy over at

iOS 8 brings functionality that users have been craving for some time, improved navigation, and subtle design changes to an already solid mobile operating system. Here are just a few things we came across:

New Features in the Messages app 

  • Find shared photos and share your location right from your text screen.
  • Send voice messages and videos right from the text screen.
  • Leave group messages.

Two-click access to recent contacts

  • Double-clicking the Home button not only allows you to quickly navigate through open apps (and close them), but now you can see your recent contacts. 

Photos App Editing and Organization

  • Adjust light and color, or fine tune options like exposure, highlights, color, and more. You can add filters and crop right from the Photos app. 
  • Search your photos by date and location, and mark and search by favorites.
  • Time-lapse photography is here! Swipe to select time-lapse mode, set up your tripod, and let your iPhone snap away.


  • Interactive notifications allow you to manage emails, calendar notifications, text messages, and third party apps right from the screen you’re in. Swipe up to dismiss a notification or swipe down to interact with it.


  • Updates to the Mail app include easy swipes to the right to mark an email as unread, or to the left to move or flag the email or archive/trash it.
  • Also, your phone will recognize reservation information, flight confirmations, and phone numbers, and give you an option to quickly add them to your calendar.

HealthKit app

  • Important health information is now available right from your lock screen.
  • You can edit your Health Dashboard to show what’s important to you–steps, calories burned, sleep, fiber and protein intake, and much, much more.
  • More third-party apps will connect with the HealthKit app, so more to come.
  • In the HealthKit app, you’ll also be able to make your health information available to your doctor.Keyboard.

Let us know your thoughts, do you agree that iOS 8 is packed with useful features? Or are you concerned that some of the changes, such as how iCloud Drive works, and the elimination of the Camera Roll, may be confusing for some users?