Apple Announcing: What can you Expect from the iPhone 6 and the iWatch?

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Apple’s big event Tuesday comes at a crucial time for the world’s most successful and highly valued computer company.

A new iPhone 6 is expected to be announced along with a larger phone to compete with the popular big-screen Samsung Galaxy. Both devices are likely to be offered with durable sapphire glass screens.

A new iWatch that comes embedded with a range of health and fitness monitors. The Mayo Clinic and Kaiser Permanente are among the health care institutions that plan to offer apps for the new device. Data collected by the watch would be fed back to the user’s smartphone or stored on the cloud. The information could be accessed by doctors or hospitals, if needed.

“I am looking forward to seeing the iHealth features, the NFC hardware and software to facilitate mobile payments and much more,” tech industry analyst Jeff Kagan says. “I would like to see some new features and improvements to the basic iPhone design. Improvements like waterproof and shock-proof.”

CEO Tim Cook may have more to say about security upgrades as consumer concerns grow about privacy, the safety of personal financial information and the potential for identity theft.

The speculation around a Sept. 9 Apple announcement has centered on the possible release of an iPhone 6. However, Apple has declined to say what it has up its sleeve. If history is any indicator and the new phone is announced, it likely won't come out until 10 days later, meaning the Rays and their fellow line sitters are going to have to bundle up for many more nights spent sleeping on a New York City sidewalk.

According to ZDNET, the press event on September will follow a similar format from Apple's previous years. There will be a live stream of the event featuring Apple's Tim Cook as well as senior executives. The keynote will be at 10am PT, 1pm EST. For those interested in watching the one-hour keynote. They can stream online using Safari on iOS 6 or later, OS X 10.6.8 or later and Safari 5.1.10 or later. For Apple TV users, the set-top box should be second or third generation running on 5.0.2 software or later. 

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