BOLD! The Kanban Approach

At BOLD! Technologies, we adhere to the Kanban model in all our development efforts. Besides providing a visual perspective on the development process, Kanban is a tool  that helps us determine where we are in the process, the development path we envision taking to get there, the timing and resources we’ll need along the way and enables us to evaluate and adjust progress along the way.  

Although any function and task - from marketing to operations, sales and more - would benefit from a methodical process-driven planning strategy, our experience suggests it’s used primarily in software and technology development for very good reason. It’s not unusual within an app’s lifecycle to see constant changes in direction, or a new iteration, modification or different version of an existing plan.  All that may be creative and eventually worth exploring, but against a clearly stated goal you’re trying to achieve, will result in time, money and resources wasted and eventually failure against the original objective.

Kanban takes it ‘one step at a time’ in small, manageable, actionable chunks. By limiting, but actually laser-focusing, on work in progress, you succeed in reducing waste and mis-direction. Additionally, ‘slow & steady’ exposes operational problems down the road. Another benefit is that this process encourages collaboration among the team and between team and client which improves the development process, and eventually the final product itself.

Kanban is rooted in two sets of principles which emphasize evolutionary change and customer focus. The method begins where you are in the present and uses ongoing, incremental and naturally evolving changes to enable success at every milestone and no surprises along the way.  It’s a methodical approach, and to some may not seem ‘fast enough’ but when the product is completed against the stated goals, accomplished through a creative, collaborative process in which all interested parties are involved and informed along the way. The end result is often a successful, well-thought out and well-crafted product.

By focusing on the customer and always keeping their goal and needs uppermost in the process, you all know where you are every step of the way, with an equal say in efforts that improve the process, you learn and accomplish collaboratively, and achieve incremental, effective and actionable results.  At BOLD! Technologies, we’d strive to get you what you want, what makes sense, done correctly, well and together. It’s why we believe in and employ the Kanban process.

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Kanban’s six general practices:

  • visualization
  • limiting work in progress
  • flow management
  • explicit policies
  • feedback loops
  • collaborative or experimental evolution