Are Waterfalls Agile?

Which is better?

  • Left brain/right brain

  • Agile/waterfall

You need a multitude of skill sets in an agency, particularly one in the business of developing and marketing mobile apps, websites, e-commerce and other technology platforms. Technology evolves and advances so rapidly you need the right resources just to stay current, and the complement of them to innovate. Envisioning, building and applying it on behalf of our clients entails a wide variety of backgrounds, knowledge, experience and approach.

Then there are the projects you take on. Some provide time to fully explore and develop and others require a more immediate development or deployment strategy. There are budget restrictions. Despite that, you can’t compromise the quality standards you operate by and expect of the product you’re delivering.

Some projects, particularly startups, begin with one objective, then take a different direction for a myriad of reasons. We have to maintain a focused clarity against the end goal to manage the development process correctly, efficiently and with the right resources. It can’t be stressed enough is how critical it is projects are managed with an accompanying recognition of any changes. They can often be accommodated, but time or budget will be affected

Bottom line, different projects need different approaches.

Some of our developers have been around since the inception of the ‘Agile Manifesto’ in 2001. Some come from environments where a waterfall approach was the norm.  “When we pit agile against waterfall, it casts waterfall as old, bureaucratic and rigid,” says Jordi Teixido, PMP, chief operating officer at fintech company Strands, and project management consultant, KION, Barcelona, Spain. “But sometimes I see more rigidity in agile.”**

At BOLD! Technologies, we approach each new assignment and client with a clean slate. Whether we take an agile approach to your development project, waterfall or some hybrid of the two, that determination comes from an understanding and agreement of the objective.  Then we put together the team of appropriately skilled resources, develop an agreed upon roadmap, with timeline and expectations, monitor and communicate progress regularly and manage the process using the best approach.

Regardless of how you label it, agile vs waterfall, you can’t really say one is better than the other. Just as you can be equally bright whether left-brained or right; that light will manifest itself in different ways, and provide different perspectives. At BOLD! we’re confident that we operate agily, regardless of project process, deliver quality, innovative apps and platforms, work within agreed upon parameters so there are no surprises and consistently deliver technology solutions for large and small companies alike.