We all know the Most Valuable Player in sports is the team member who excels or ‘performs best’ in a particular game or series of games, thus gaining the title of MVP.  When BOLD! determines we’re going to take on a client or a project, it is with the sincere expectation we’re going to do everything possible to provide that value.

We do that, in part, by taking a MVP approach in our software development, that is, the Minimum Viable Product. A software solution built to be a streamlined, functioning version of an app or technology platform that performs, provides value and with enough features and benefits that early adoptors grasp the concept and can embrace it.

Once deployed and available, additional development may continue with which to further expand or extend the app’s capabilities, but done so in partnership with these early users in something like a meta beta. Although focused in scope, the slimmer MVP still offers value and functionality in the product it delivers; it’s the process that allows more rapid deployment, hence increasing value to the  client by offering feedback from their market earlier.

Technopedia explains an MVP’s three key characteristics:

The standards underlying MVP were communicated in a book published by Eric Reis, called “The Lean Startup” which, here at BOLD! Technologies, we’ve had a great deal of experience helping to facilitate from a development perspective, i.e. startups.   http://theleanstartup.com/principles

One of the greatest challenges we often face with new concepts and startups is helping define the objective, refine expectations and focus on scale.  

We’re just as excited as any group of creative forward thinking innovators when it comes to new apps and technology, but experience has taught us that biting off more than you can chew can sometimes result in choking.  We love to work with clients with a novel idea, a reasonable budget and timeline, willingness to stay current and involved in the development process and then BOLD! can deliver brilliantly against those mutually agreed upon expectations.  

The principles of Minimum Viable Product in a development context apply equally well to projects for mature companies as they do for startups. Whether the process enables the technological platform on which you’re building a new business, or you are a more mature organization looking for team augmentation, whether the project is a foundation or a stepping stone, this strategic approach to development moves the idea to deployment more rapidly, and with greater operational efficiencies.  

BOLD! Technologies may be relatively small and agile, but we are innovators precisely because our size enables a smart and nimble approach to any project. From prototype to finished product, partner with BOLD! and expect more value from your MVP.