All OnBoard

At BOLD! we’re proud to deliver agile, flexible and responsive mobile and web apps and technology platforms while maintaining a disciplined and methodological approach to the process. This starts from the first contact we have with a client, whether startup or mature business, and establishes the approach we take from development through deployment.

We’re creative and visionaries, delight in innovation, and embrace technology.  Many of us have helped strategize and develop new paradigms in digital and mobile business applications. We also respect the value of our collective time, the achievement of goals, the drive to succeed, and the urgency to be first to market with a new idea.

Towards that end, there are a few givens that go into any successful new venture, specifically those tech-based. There’s a universal truth to the 7 Ps, ostensibly an old British Army adage, which remains true to this day: “Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.” Although we don’t take a military approach to mobile app development, it is methodical and disciplined. A few quick considerations include:

  • Is the idea for your app, website or platform clear and specific?

  • Does it benefit the consumer/what’s its value proposition?

  • What are the limitations/expectations regarding time and budget?

  • What existing or planned infrastructure and resources are available/needed?

  • What competitive research is available for your product/service?

These, and more, are the questions which need to be explored and the more thorough and thoughtfully presented make all the difference before development and strategy begins. It’s got many monickers in business and project management, but the four pillars continue to remain planning, organizing, leading and controlling any project; bottom line is the better prepared you are in the early days, the more efficient the process, and the quicker and more on target the results.

Once we take on a project, there are clear and specific steps we take to establish and agree upon objectives, develop realistic roadmaps for budget, timelines and process, establish mutual two-way communications, provide project management dashboards and work with you every step of the way until your product or service, app, site or platform are a reality ready for market.

CLIENT ONBOARDING  Priorities, Timelines And Processes

First Steps include initial consult, where we exchange introductions, share “How BOLD! Works” flowchart and client Project Questionnaire, and generally get to know each other. That meeting, along with a thoughtful client presentation enable us to scope & dimension the project and subsequently provide a “Back of Napkin” estimate & timetable recommending BOLD! services and next steps.

Moving Forward we’ll take a deep dive into the project, define the vision and product, begin the build both for product strategy as well as development design. We’ll layout initial design steps and stages.  All that will be formalized in a Master Services Agreement [MSA] and Statement of Work [SOW] for the Product Strategy, Definition & Design. (Along, with a retainer, of course. )

Once received, we conduct the Discovery onboarding meeting with all stakeholders, bring on additional resources required, establish regular communications to last throughout the process.

Ready to get OnBoard?