4 Ways to Have a Successful Mobile Advertising Campaign

Mobile Advertising isn't the same as it used to be. Marketers are able to use new and innovative technology to reach consumers in more interesting and relevant ways. The Mobile Marketing Association took an analysis of 450 mobile campaigns to create a list of commonalities found among the leaders in mobile marketing. Here are four ways you can create a successful mobile advertising campaign just like the pros:

1. Create a campaign unifier

One creative approach that marketers should use is a campaign unifier. Each campaign unifier should bring access, experience and commerce to users and enable them to stay connected with the brand along the path to purchase. Another great way to do this is in the form of location-based incentives. Consumers have their smartphones with them everywhere they go, which provides the opportunity to send relevant advertisements right to their phones based on where they are, and engage with them in the moment.

As a brand, it is important to provide consumers with personalized and relevant messages. These will garner more positive attention from users and will help to receive more meaningful interactions.

2. Provide Utility

It's also important for brand's to provide utility for their consumers, like the ability to save them time or allow them to make purchases on the spot. One way to do this is by making an emotional connection with your consumers so that you are able to offer the most relevant information through advertisements. According to a report by MediaBrix and Millward Brown Digital, 81% of digital marketers felt that targeting users based on their emotions would help them to avoid issues where users ignore their banner-like ads. According to the Mobile Marketer, "With the growth in programmatic buying, the report found that 30 percent of digital marketers believe that ads purchased through programmatic produce negative customer experiences, with 37 percent most concerned that consumers are ignoring banner ads."

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3. Use Rewards

Recently, Kiip and IPG Media Lab conducted a study and found that when brands use rewards to engage with consumers, it drives higher purchase intent and brand favorability as opposed to traditional banner ads. In fact, the study showed that rewards brought an 82% lift compared to only 6% from regular banner ads. While ads generated higher brand recognition than rewards, consumers favored the brand much less.

4. Use Dual Dimensions

There has been an increased focus on creativity in mobile ads which allows for rich media and video ad formats, which are growing between 178% and 404%. According to Kiip's CEO, Brian Wong, “There are more dual dimensions in understanding how successful things are in measurement, which is good. Engagement based buying is starting to become incorporated into programmatic. That is ultimately going to lead to massive progress.”

Ultimately, creativity and relevance will garner the most positive engagement from consumers. Let us know how you're appealing to consumers in the comments!

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