Crime-Fighting Wearable Technologies

Wearable technologies are being used for crime-fighting now, thanks to two innovative companies, Cuff and First Sign.

Cuff is a jewelry company that allows you to contact a chosen group of people quickly in case of an emergency. All the wearer has to do is push the cuff when they are in danger and if their group has a cuff of their own it will vibrate. If not, then the alert will go directly to their phones, with the alert including your location and health information. Select your group of friends and family right inside your Cuff app. One consumer, Rachel Frederick, called it "Wonder Woman-like". Cuff has different products and packages to choose from, including fashionable bracelets and necklaces.

First Sign, on the other hand, has created a hair clip that is smart enough to distinguish between day-to-day activities and a physical attack. Wearers can also manually set off the alarm by pressing the emergency button on the device, pushing the emergency button inside of the app, or hitting the device. Not only will the device set an alarm, but it will activate your phone's GPS, microphone, and camera to provide important information about the attack.

You can view a video from WKMG Orlando about these crime-fighting wearables.

The one issue is that you need signal on your phone for these to work. CNET editor Brian Tong says, "The way that they work is, they work over low energy Bluetooth. They still depend on your phone to send out some sort of signal or communication. So if you're in a location where you don't have a signal, it's just not going to help you."

Both Cuff and First Sign have created fashionable and affordable ways to use wearable technology to keep people safe. Is this something you would buy for yourself or your friends and family? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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