Google Android is Getting Exciting New Features and Makeover

Mobile developers and digital marketers are in for a treat thanks to the new Google Android makeover and upgrades. The makeover was announced as a part of this year's developers conference, Google I/O

Unlike Apple, Google has many different phone models which has meant that developers and marketers had to design for each device. Now, Google is premiering a material design, meaning each phone will have the same standard design. According to a digital media executive, this means making advertisements even more targeted. This also allows developers and marketers to build even more for the next generation of Android products.

One of the new features will link applications and websites. If a user searches for movie theaters near them on the web, a link will pop up so they can immediately go to a downloaded app to help them purchase tickets. Any open tabs or apps will also appear under a user's recent activity feed.

Google also announced Project Tango, which is an in-store program that combines mapping and marketing. Andorid TV is also new, and will allow provide a search engine for users to help find movies and shows more quickly and even answer questions like "What movie won an Oscar", linking users to movies that fit the search so they can make a purchase. Android TV will be out later this year from LG and Sony.

Another new feature is AndroidWear, which is Google's new smartwatch software, which will  also have the new material design. LG, Samsung and Motorola are all selling AndroidWear smartwatches, and each wearable will work with Android smartphones, with apps appearing on the phones through Bluetooth.

As AdWeek goes on to say, other upgrades include a re-designed mobile search, enhanced notifications and an integration of Pinterest, Lyft and Eat 44.

What do you guys think about the new Google upgrades? Who do you think had more exciting news at their developer's conference - Apple or Google? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!



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