A BOLD! New View: Google Smart Contact Lens

Google glasses have sparked controversy with many consumers in some cases, Glass users commonly known as “Glassholes” have been kicked out of restaurants for allegedly taking pictures of unsuspecting citizens and this is just the beginning. Imagine - contact lens cameras sounds like a technology of a James Bond Film, no?

Google’s Smart Contact Lenses are making their way onto the scene with two patents ready to transform the way we see the world. Google’s attempt to effectively build free-standing, communication-ready electronics in a transparent device roughly the size of a standard contact lens, will change the way we view the world. This information giant currently has two patents developing Biometric Sensor Technologies respectively aim at reading biometrics and aiding the visually-impaired.  

Within the patents held by Google, one prototype is specifically for Glucose Monitoring while the other features an embedded camera. Scientists know them as “Ophthalmic Electrochemical Sensors” - contact lenses with flexible electronics that include sensors and an antenna.


Google Smart Contact Lenses - Glucose Monitoring aims at detecting glucose levels of diabetic patients through the emission of tear fluid of the wearer’s eye and alert her of decreases in blood sugar levels. This product would prove itself an asset as it is less invasive than finger pricks. The prototype, 5 years away from being marketable to consumers, is still being modified as it would need FDA approval before hitting the market. In the same light, Google’s contact lens camera will function to help those with visual impairments see beyond what they can already see.

One of the concerns - can we see the antenna strips? The answer: no. Since they will be close to the eye, they will be too close to focus on them.  Do you have any concerns about these products? Let us know in the comments.


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