Increase Mobile Customer-Engagement Like The Pros

A few months ago we reported how important brand utility is, especially for mobile marketers. It's so important, in fact, that some of the top companies are implementing these strategies in their own marketing campaigns to increase customer-engagement. The Mobile Marketer has put together a list of the top 10 mobile marketing campaigns from the first half of 2014 and we have selected a few that have really peaked our interest.

Rebull One-Click Twitter Video

Redbull was one of the first brands to try out a new Twitter ad format that automatically  plats a video when a tweet is clicked on. The brand used the ads to promote its newest addition of applications.

Nivea’s Bluetooth enabled Print Ad

Nivea Protege Sunscreen print ads in Brazil come with a location bracelet made of humidity-resistant paper reusable paper that interacts with an app. Nivea vows to protect the children’s skin with this bluetooth-enabled device, Nivea continues to serve its purpose to protect children.



L’Oreal Paris

Utilizing GumGum’s Photo Recognition technology to determine the colors of the consumers hair, L’oreal produced personalized ads for its ombre hair color line. The content is then personalized for the consumer making it relevant and hopefully more responsive users.


Partnering with JUICE Mobile, Nissan, was the first brand to test drive the new ad unit, which enables viewers to interact and gain insight with the different features of the 2014 Roguw by tapping on five of the different hot spots.




Launching Mobile ads into another direction, JetBlue took us to another destination with its concept of simply, creating mobile ads for smartphones and mobile ads for tablets. On smartphones, the ads focused more on brand consideration and less on sales. On tablets, the ads featured a rich media game as these users have longer periods of time to spend interacting with content.


Mobile Ads are transforming from simply a shrunken down version of the website to complex and interactive means in which to engage consumers. Strategic Mobile Design and Mobile Development have changed the way that big companies interact with their target audiences. 




A successful mobile business strategy requires the transformation of the way the business operates to capturing the perfect “mobile moment”. As the success of the company is determined by quality of listening READ MORE>>>