What you need to know about the 2014 Mary Meeker Report

Mary Meeker Technology Report 2014

Each year Mary Meeker releases a technology trends report, and the 2014 report was just released on Wednesday, May 28th. While the report talks about many aspects of technology, it was clear that mobile has the strongest potential.

Among the information reported, it has become apparent that mobile Internet usage is much higher than traditional Internet usage. In fact, mobile data traffic is up 81% compared to last year, with mobile Internet usage up to 25%. Whereas traditional Internet has plateaued to just 10%. Another trend is how fast the use of the cloud has become. Two-thirds of all digital content is created and used by consumers, and these consumers are driving this growth.

Other notable trends include the fact that 66% of tablet owners in the United States surf the web while watching television and 44% are shopping. You can see the rest of Mary Meeker's 2014 Technology Report below:

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