Microsoft and SAP Partnership Turns to Mobile, Data and Cloud

Microsoft and SAP partnership

Microsoft and SAP have been partners for 20 years now, and now their partnership is turning towards the future. The partnership will include mobile, data, and the cloud. 

For the cloud, SAP will be running several key cloud services on Microsoft's Azure platform. These cloud services include SAP Business Suite, SAP Mobile Platform, and others. The purpose of this is to give SAP customers access to unlimited cloud resources, which only Azure can provide them.

The second part of the partnership involves SAP building mobile tools that will link to Microsoft Windows phones. While SAP already has several apps running on the Windows platform, they want to give SAP customers the opportunity to build their own custom apps through SAP tools for Windows phones. To do this, SAP will be releasing a new SDK, or software development kit.

As for data, the SAP Gateway for Microsoft has been reconfigured to connect SAP Business Objects to Power BI and Excel. According to TechCrunch, This will give customers to take data repositories from SAP and use Microsoft tools to re-visualize it. 

TechCrunch went on to report that this partnership came shortly after the news that SAP could be facing layoffs. Meanwhile, Microsoft is looking to become more of a platform and services company, so this new partnership is beneficial for both companies.

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