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Google Android is Getting Exciting New Features and Makeover

Mobile developers and digital marketers are in for a treat thanks to the new Google Android makeover and upgrades. The makeover was announced as a part of this year's developers conference, Google I/O

Unlike Apple, Google has many different phone models which has meant that developers and marketers had to design for each device. Now, Google is premiering a material design, meaning each phone will have the same standard design. According to a digital media executive, this means making advertisements even more targeted. This also allows developers and marketers to build even more for the next generation of Android products.

Are Fingerprint Scanners Protecting Mobile Security?

Are Fingerprint Scanners Protecting Mobile Security?

With the emergence of Fingerprint payment systems and the fingerprint scanner, the Samsung Galaxy S5 or Apple iPhone 5S respectively, secure web hosting is gaining high priority as consumers have more options in browsing and payment methods.

How do they work?