Coming This Summer: A meal For Every Child.


Fireflies, splashing around with friends in the pool, the warm sun, hunger. That’s correct, hunger. In the United States, only 1 in 7 children eligible for free or subsidized school lunches during the academic year gains access to summer meals. With the emergence of a new mobile app known as

Range, developed by social entrepreneurs the remaining children may now have a greater opportunity at receiving available meals.

Many public educators know there is a significant decline in learning during the summer months and it is significantly impacted by poor nutrition. Marnie Webb, the CEO of Caravan Studios, a division of the nonprofit TechSoup Global, and her team’s collaborative approach uses a theory of technology intervention to allow communities to respond to the issues they care about most. This social and mobile cause is not aimed at “fundraising” but more of awareness of those resources available. Social change workers such as police, librarians, clergy and even regular citizens can access this mobile application using their smartphone.