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Tech Rivals Apple and IBM call a truce!

Steve Jobs acquired many tech rivals in the 80s with the emergence of Apple in particular, IBM. After 30 years of competition and clashing with IBM, the two companies have laid down a truce in the form of a business partnership working together to co-develop business-centric apps for iPhones and iPads.

Google Android is Getting Exciting New Features and Makeover

Mobile developers and digital marketers are in for a treat thanks to the new Google Android makeover and upgrades. The makeover was announced as a part of this year's developers conference, Google I/O

Unlike Apple, Google has many different phone models which has meant that developers and marketers had to design for each device. Now, Google is premiering a material design, meaning each phone will have the same standard design. According to a digital media executive, this means making advertisements even more targeted. This also allows developers and marketers to build even more for the next generation of Android products.

4 Tips for Successful Consumer Engagement

A successful mobile business strategy requires the transformation of the way the business operates to capturing the perfect “mobile moment”. As the success of the company is determined by quality of listening not the quality of speaking and the most successful companies keep customer engagment at the forefront of the company the creation and maintenance of engaged customers creates for a strong brand advocate. Technology research and advisory firm Gartner provides us with the four attributes that increase customer engagement

4 Elements of Mobile Strategy Business

Global mobile technology, one of the biggest movements of the decade from smartphones to tablets to wearable technology it is only fitting that with this transition into a mobile technological world, companies and organizations must develop a valuable and useful Mobile Business Strategy to impact, connect and engage consumers. Customer Acquisition, Customer Loyalty, Mobile Commerce and Customer Experience - 4 areas in which companies must further develop to create and reach the right decisions for a successful Mobile Strategy Business.