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3 Ways Indoor-GPS with iBeacons Improve the Retail Experience

Improve the retail experience inside big spaces like department stores, concert venues and sport arenas with indoor GPS (iBeacons).

Tech Rivals Apple and IBM call a truce!

Steve Jobs acquired many tech rivals in the 80s with the emergence of Apple in particular, IBM. After 30 years of competition and clashing with IBM, the two companies have laid down a truce in the form of a business partnership working together to co-develop business-centric apps for iPhones and iPads.

Google Android is Getting Exciting New Features and Makeover

Mobile developers and digital marketers are in for a treat thanks to the new Google Android makeover and upgrades. The makeover was announced as a part of this year's developers conference, Google I/O

Unlike Apple, Google has many different phone models which has meant that developers and marketers had to design for each device. Now, Google is premiering a material design, meaning each phone will have the same standard design. According to a digital media executive, this means making advertisements even more targeted. This also allows developers and marketers to build even more for the next generation of Android products.

4 Ways to Have a Successful Mobile Advertising Campaign

Mobile Advertising isn't the same as it used to be. Marketers are able to use new and innovative technology to reach consumers in more interesting and relevant ways. The Mobile Marketing Association took an analysis of 450 mobile campaigns to create a list of commonalities found among the leaders in mobile marketing.

Apple's HealthKit: Record and Analyze Health Data On The Go

"How are you?" now has a really accurate answer, thanks to Apple's HealthKit. Health providers can now sync data with existing medical records, and even keep track of a patients' health in new ways, such as the ability to handle data entry and statistical analysis of simple health data and present the results with mobile devices.

M-Commerce Trends: Location Sharing

Recall our previous blog, Ambient Proximity is the next big thing for location sharing, location sharing is not a new age development but with the growing momentum of mobile users choosing to opt in it’s impact is increasing exponentially. Urban Airshipthe global leader in mobile relationship management software provider just recently revealed its research on a growing M-Commerce trend - Location Sharing.

Mobile Trend - Collaboration on the go!

With the increasing popularity of mobile collaboration services as a means to sync multiple users to the same files simultaneously, emerges Quip - messaging and documents in one place. This multiplatform collaborative editing amongst others have changed the way we mobily collaborate.  

10 BOLD! and Social Tech Trends for the Next Decade

10 BOLD! and Social Tech Trends for the Next Decade

Video glasses, Thumb pads and Mobile Card readers, not only do these technological devices exist in present-day, they were predicted in the critically acclaimed Steven Spielberg film Back to the Future. Technological advancements for the past couple of centuries have been changing our daily lives. These developments in gadgets have revolutionized and are changing our society.

The FCC Takes a BOLD! Move Towards Text-To-911

The FCC Takes a BOLD! Move Towards Text-To-911

Text-to-911, the ability to reach emergency call takers through text messages. As of May 15, 2014, the four major U.S. carriers, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint began to offer text-to-911 to select markets. The Federal Communications Commission has began expanding the use of text-to-911 to gain access to Public Safety Agencies in some states, however, not all states and not all counties in those states have yet received this new mobile development. T

The Rufus Cuff - a BOLD! Innovation for Mobile Development

The Rufus Cuff - a BOLD! Innovation for Mobile Development

The Rufus Cuff is the newest innovation in mobile development for smartwatches. This is wearable technology, and it provides users with the ability to communicate hands-free. The cuff has an adjustable strap and a 3-inch display screen to easily make calls, text, send emails, and use other helpful features.