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Mobile Marketing - Push Notifications

Just a little push is all you need - seriously. With the accumulation of mobile applications taking over with nearly 1 million apps available to download on iTunes alone , it seems only fitting that some apps are going to get lost in the clutter. Let’s face it, Mobile Applications are many but the few that evade deletion are strong. These applications provide useful and valuable information, products and services to the consumer. Push notifications are a key component to the survival of these applications. 

Wearable Trend: Biosensing

Biosensing Wearables - mobile accessories which allow continuous physiological monitoring and in turn enhance user experience. Of the 90 million predicted wearable devices to be shipped in 2014, it is predicted that 74 million of those will be biosensing. ABI Research projects the wearable device sales volumes in 2014 to come from healthcare and sports and activity trackers. Significant potential to disrupt consumer electronics and the healthcare markets.

Mobile Trend - Collaboration on the go!

With the increasing popularity of mobile collaboration services as a means to sync multiple users to the same files simultaneously, emerges Quip - messaging and documents in one place. This multiplatform collaborative editing amongst others have changed the way we mobily collaborate.  

What you need to know about the 2014 Mary Meeker Report

Each year Mary Meeker releases a technology trends report, and the 2014 report was just released on Wednesday, May 28th. While the report talks about many aspects of technology, it was clear that mobile has the strongest potential.

Among the information reported, it has become apparent that mobile Internet usage is much higher than traditional Internet usage. In fact, mobile data traffic is up 81% compared to last year, with mobile Internet usage up to 25%. 

3 Defined Mobile Marketing Strategy Tips

3 Defined Mobile Marketing Strategy Tips

Gone Mobile or Going Mobile - many companies are progressing towards the globally mobile world. One of the biggest mistakes many brands today are making is the lack of developing their mobile marketing strategy. Removing irrelevant content and replacing them with useful content that way, mobile users are seeing the right content at the right times. But, where do we begin?

10 BOLD! and Social Tech Trends for the Next Decade

10 BOLD! and Social Tech Trends for the Next Decade

Video glasses, Thumb pads and Mobile Card readers, not only do these technological devices exist in present-day, they were predicted in the critically acclaimed Steven Spielberg film Back to the Future. Technological advancements for the past couple of centuries have been changing our daily lives. These developments in gadgets have revolutionized and are changing our society.